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Wine Blog

Perfect Wine for Couples

We at Wine Impress are family people and home bodies. Therefore, we prepared tips on which wines are best to drink in everyday situations: 

Scenario 1: Weekend lying on the couch Merlot - wallowing on the couch, watching TV shows or relaxing in you armchair with a good book (you can find

Scenario 2: The Evening after Ikea New Zealand Sauvignon - open without hesitation if you have to collect furniture. It will invigorate and strengthen the nervous system (can be found in the set Chardonnay – if your basket is packed with a ton of vanilla candles and sachets. (Can be found in the set Chianti - if you bought another set of kitchen utensils and are prepared for a culinary duel. (Can be found on the web 

Scenario 3: Returned from the movie theater Prosecco - Prolong the delight. And if the actors played badly - you can finish off Riesling and spicy Asian noodles (we don’t have noodles, but Prosecco is here

. Scenario 4: Anniversary Ice Cold Champagne - if everything is fine with you and the years have passed quickly. (Here it is Pinot Noir - if you have something to think about and discuss (here 

Scenario 5: Kids around and they don't relax Fruity and sweet wines (we have Semi Sweet Miami - so that you breathe roses and honey from your breath and you can lie about “adult lemonade”. P.S. If you need recommendations on wine for dates – write us)